What means Abhidhamma?

The Abhidhamma, literally ‘Higher Dhamma’, is the Philosophical-Psychological System of Buddhism. It is a system of highly philosophical ideas, to which the designation ‘Paramattha’ is applied. ‘Paramattha’ being a word-compound that is made of two distinct parts, the first part, ‘parama’, having the meaning of ultimate, highest, or final, while the second part ‘attha’ denotes, reality, thing or truth. Thus the word Paramattha means ‘Things ultimate’, ‘Highest things’ or more loosely, ‘Timeless-‘ or ‘Eternal Truths’.

In traditional Buddhist countries the Abhidhamma is held in highest esteem, being considered the more advanced teaching of Buddhism. Yet, although it is held in such high esteem, many a student studying it, found himself at the very least perplexed as to its usefulness. Oftentimes a more serious attempt to get to the meaning of this system has lead the serious student to strong doubts and confusion, wondering as to whether the whole thing, far away from having been taught by the Buddha, was not made up by the devil…

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